Radiant Heat Products – Gutter Deicing

Our company constantly seeks out innovative products, from adhesives that are antimicrobial to a grout which contains Kevlar making it exceptionally strong and highly stain resistant at the same time. We also offer a complete line of sealers which are not only a green product but are self deodorizing as well as self sanitizing.
With an ever growing demand for electric radiant floor heat and being completely and constantly dissatisfied with “traditional” wire in net electric radiant floor heating systems it was an absolute relief and pleasure to come across Calorique tile warming and gutter deicing
Wire in net radiant floor heating is difficult to work over they provide absolutely nothing other then warming your floor. The lifespan of these products is marginal at best.
Calorique radiant floor tile heat really does stand apart. The heating system is built into an anti-fracture membrane. This insures longevity to your finished tile floor.
Installation is straight-forward and easy. The team at Calorique is more then happy to answer any questions before, during and after install.
Calorique has come up with a product that feels virtually non-existent while installing tile over it.
One of the best points about Calorique is that it can be used as a primary source of heat. Couple this with solar and you’ve got it made!
After working with almost all of the radiant products out there Calorique is the only radiant floor product we will use . The company makes a lot of other heating solutions, all of them are great.
After the first time you use one of there products you will find yourself walking around the house wondering what else you can heat up.