Plastic Molding vs. Steel Fabrication for Counter Supports

Plastic molding is not always the perfect solution for all applications. IN some cases, plastic is simply not strong enough.

For example, let’s look at supporting granite counter tops

As a granite support guide, in designs where your countertop spans supports, the length of the span should be limited to 24″ for ¾” thick stone and 36″ for 1¼”  grainte  thicknesses.

If your project involves a  countertop is cantilevered or overhangs the supports, overhanging portion should be limited to 6″ for ¾”  thick granite counter tops and 10” for 1¼” stone counters.

This indicates that a steel granite countertop support original-granitewould be much more appropriate than plastic. You could go the Original Granite Bracket Company for more information.